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Turn Your Bath Into An In-Home Spa With Deck Mounted Bath Taps!

Deck mounted bath taps are the faucets of the future. Who doesn’t love to luxuriate in the facilities of a spa? However, what if you could have your mini spa at home? The stylish bath taps by RNK allow you to do just that. We provide the best range of bath taps in the market to bring all your in-home spa fantasies to life!

Premium Quality

Our deck mounted bath taps are made from the best quality brass and copper with low lead content and great ductility.

Neopearl Aerators

All the best RNK bath taps have Neopearl aerators for proper water distribution and reduction of excessive water pressure. The aerators also have a screen to filter out sand from water.

Stainless Material

Each of these stylish bath taps is made from stainless material, increasing their longevity.


We provide a wide variety of finishes like brushed gold, matte black, gold, rose gold, and chrome. RNK also have a vast catalogue of bath taps for you to choose from.


Due to being well-built, RNK’s deck mounted bath taps are highly durable and have long warranties.

Get Your Hands On The Best Bath Taps Today!

Your luxury bathtub deserves equally stylish bath taps to go along with it. Get the best bath taps from RNK. We provide the highest-quality luxury bath fixtures and decor. If your downtime is valuable, it is time to put yourself first and bathe in luxury with our deck mounted bath taps!