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Product Warranty 


RNK London goods are engineered and devised to exacting standards. Our quality control team assess every product vigilantly to certify that we are bringing you the best quality products with a lasting guarantee. We are very assertive in the quality of our products that we offer lifetime goods warranty as standard for our solid surface range. Our lifetime Goods warranty is envisioned to cover the reasonably anticipated lifespan of goods and only applies to the original purchaser and original installation address. The warranty is non-transferable.

In the improbable event the Goods stop within the warranty period, RNK offer a free substitute or replacement part (Or nearest equivalent). Individual Goods have limited liability and does not cover consequential loss or damage on installation.

The lifetime warranty does not include accidental damage during fitting, incorrect use, damage due to poor fitting and general usage wear and tear. 

For RNK to consider any potential claims, original proof of purchase must be submitted therefore please store a record of your invoice or receipt. All claims are replaced at our discretion and any goods that have been discontinued will be replaced by the nearest substitute or a suitable alternative. 

Our products must be fitted by a qualified professional in line with local water bylaws and regulations, any incorrect fittings will void the warranty. 

Once the goods have been inspected your claim will then be assessed and if we are satisfied that it is a manufacturing fault we will, at our discretions, repair or replace the goods at no cost to you (this could be onsite therefore please do not remove or destroy any goods without our consent) if we feel the goods do not have a manufacturing fault then a call out charge may be applied for assessing the claim. 

Limescale, mould, corrosion and mildew build-up are not covered under this guarantee. 

The warranty does not include damage for improper cleaning, please find below clear instructions on how to clean your products: 



We recommend our matt white or gloss white finish products should be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth. 

Do not use concentrated bleach products, shampoos, or any acidic cleaning products. 

If you have accidently scratched the product this can be repaired with fine grade sandpaper for matt finish and use polishing kit for light surface scratch on gloss finish. For deep scratch or chip do not use sandpaper, sourcing powders/pad and only use professional stone mason which can be easily found online for solid stone repair.

Please note: The warranty only covered the product and/or spare parts needed to rectify any issues. RNK will not be held liable for any reinstallation or fitting costs relating to the replacement of any spare parts or replacement products. 



Our confidence in the dependability of our selective tap range allows us to warranty our products for a lifetime. 

Our warranty is provided on all taps that have been used in the correctly intended way and does not apply to products that have been misused and mistreated in any way. in order to minimise the outcome of accidental manufacturing fault, at the time of receiving your product we advise the product is thoroughly inspected prior to installation. We advise that taps should be installed with utmost care by a qualified and professional installer. For the purpose of maintaining the captivating looks and spiritual essence of our carefully crafted range, we strongly suggest caring for and handling the product In line with our regulations and multipurpose instructions. 


RNK Care Guide for Tapware

Products and their composition

RNK have main composition materials of solid brass, 304 and 316 stainless steels. 

Solid Brass 

RNK use solid brass for most of our tapware range, it is an extremely durable and suitable material for its purpose. Brass is mainly used throughout the home as it is a low traffic area and is constructed from pure brass. 

Stainless Steel 

We use stainless steel grade 304 for our indoor range and stainless-steel grade 316 for the outdoor range. These types of stainless steel are extremely versatile. The chromium found in stainless steel gives it versatility and durability making it extremely hard-wearing metals to choose from. Stainless steel is commonly used for areas which require a high level of durability for example a kitchen sinks. Stainless steel grade 316 has further corrosion resistance making it suitable for outdoor use. 

Whilst both these materials are treated using the same finishing process, the differences in the ergonomics of the material mean there may be slight variations in the colour and overall finish. All RNK products can be used in residential and non-residential environments unless the standard states otherwise. 


Product Treatment and Finish

Our products undergo one of the following colour treatments to finish the product: 

  • Advanced Electroplating Application (AEA
  • Physical Vapour Deposition – Industrial Grade (PVD) Electro Colouring System 
  • Prime Shield Lacquer Technology (PSLT)


Advanced Electroplating Application (AEA) 

When the process of electrolysis is used to coat a layer of chromium, nickel or coloured alternative aids the longevity of its life and prevents it from corrosion and general wear and tear. 

  • Chrome (AEA) 
  • Matte Black (AEA) 

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)

PVD is a technique which a solid material is placed in a vaporised vacuum environment which leads to pure material substrate or alloy composition coating. The coating builds bonds to the surface providing an extremely pure and high-performance protection layer. 

  • Brushed nickel (PVD) 
  • Brushed Brass (PVD) 
  • Brushed Gunmetal 
  • Brushed Copper 


Prime Shield Lacquer Technology (PSLT) 

PSLT is the process in which a dried powder is applied to a surface electrostatically and cured under high temperature, because this process elements the ability to corrade there is a less concern or rust and other cleaning related damage. 

  • White (PSLT)


What finished do we offer?

Cleaning and maintenance 

  • Clean regularly using natural cleaning solutions. 
  • Use cleaning products that are recommended to be used on tap.
  • Clean spills immediately to avoid stains. 
  • Use natural cleaning products only and no abrasive cleaning cloths. 
  • Weekly cleaning with a soft microfibre cloth and soapy water is recommended. 
  • Dry after each use to maintain the product shine. 
  • For newly renovation flush pipes before use.
  • Do not let water pool. 
  • Use a limescale remover if you are in a hard water area. 


Caution while product caring 

  • Do not use bleach or products which include bleach. 
  • Do not use Ammonium agents or ammonium. 
  • Do not use highly acid cleaners. 
  • Do not use alcohol or mineral based cleaners. 


Limit the surface exposure to high levels of salt. 

If your products encounter any of the above rinse immediately with warm soapy water. 

Avoid scorers or rough abrasive brushes that could scratch the surface. 

Avoid contact with sharp objects.

Avoid putting heat products directly on the surface. 



  1. In the unlikely event the product fails within the warranty period, RNK offers a free replacement part or if the respective product is discontinued or out of stock, we offer a nearest equivalent replacement. 
  2. Liability is limited to individual products and does not cover damage on installation or wear and tear. 
  3. In the event of a claim, proof of original purchase is mandatory. The warranty only runs from the date of purchase and does not consider the date of any further repairs of replacements supplied. 
  4. If we require to do so, we must be given the consent and advance to inspect the product. The product should not be destroyed before our inspection without our consent. We may need photographic evidence in any investigation regarding the matter.
  5. To be able to enable product identification, the product barcode/serial number must be provided.
  6. The product must have been installed, maintained and cared for in relation with the specific installation and maintenance instructions. In addition, the products should have been installed with safe and reliable installation practise. 
  7. In the event our on-site investigation reveals that the reported fault was not on our part [manufacturing fault or materials] a callout charge will be applied.
  8. Where we are satisfied that the issue at hand was due to a manufacturing fault or materials we will, at our option and conduct, repair or replace the respective product. If we choose to repair or replace the product, the currently manufactured model will be replaced with a suitable equivalent in our then current range. 
  9. This warranty does not apply to overtime wear and tear, if in our opinion 
  10. The product has been misused, mistreated, neglected or accidentally or purposefully damaged this guarantee does not apply.
  11. This warranty does not cover sub-sequential damage or loss.
  12. the effects of overtime limescale and corrosion are not covered in this guarantee.
  13. In the case that a product is reinstalled in different locations, the warranty is not transferrable.
  14. The warranty does not apply to the whole bathroom suite, only the respective individual product 
  15. Due to the naturalistic essence of some of our materials used, there will inevitably be occasional colour and finish variations. These, as well as queries relating to dimensional inconsistencies that are within our manufacturing tolerances are not treated as defective.
  16. This warranty does not affect your lawful rights. RNK pursues a policy of consistently improving design quality and product performance. While great care has been ensured so our products are accurate to prices, product codes dimensions and descriptions. RNK reserves the right to pursue mistakes and correct errors.