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RNK is a proud British brand with a global presence which specialises in creating exquisite high-end bathroom products.

Although we are proud members of British Institute of interior design, our products are more than just form. We continue aesthetic and formal research, combined with technological and artisan proficiency, which gives our product sense of uniqueness, high endurance, ingenuity and functionality.


An innovative idea to design living bathroom product underpins RNK philosophy. The concept of a contemporary bathroom is a lavish of imaginary extension of living interior, just like rest of home which reflect our character, taste and ambitions.

The bathroom epitomises an intimate and imaginative space, a moment in which we dedicate ourselves to our well-being. The concept of Living Bathrooms intensifies this idea, turning the bathroom into an interior for living. RNK transcends the canonical concept of well-being, interpreting it not just as care for oneself, but also as a search for beauty that benefits the soul. A beauty perceived through the gaze, but also through touch and smell, in recognition of the authenticity of materials and the excellence of finishes.

The designers in RNK describe their collection as a result of applying “the sensibility of clay to solid and natural stone”. This approach can be seen in a fluid curve of each piece, featuring a bevelled edge design and creating a sense of serenity.
Our meticulously handcrafted collections strip the stone to its very essence, highlighting the intrinsic spiritual qualities of these precious and versatile natural materials.

RNK epitomizes the best of modern technology, combined with the delicate craftsmanship of the finest artisans.

Our products are renowned for using imperishable materials, such as pure resin stone (100% solid surface), Sintered stone (Artificial stone), Marble, wood and brass. RNK is inspired by minimalism, simplicity yet modern and symmetrical qualities of geometric shapes in bathroom basin, vanity and taps collections.
We meticulously control quality to warrant that we are bringing finest piece and ensure durability of each product to last. We are so confident in eminence our products offer lifetime warranty in our resin stone range and between 5-15 years in other products.




Processing at 45C
Non-toxic -- Hypoallergenic
Strictly Quality control of individual piece of Furniture


Accurate Assembly of each product before recording of drawers & doors
Scratches can be restored on a surface
BLUM hardware standard in solid surface vanities


Polyurethane Glue
High-capacity wall mounted and floor standing
Special colouring on request
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