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Install The Best Basin Taps To Express Your Elegance And Status!

Are you tired of the same old mundane basin taps? Do you want to add a touch of modernity to your bathroom and kitchen? Well, a subtle way you can do that without drawing too much attention is by incorporating luxury basin taps.

The best basin taps are not only functional, but they also add a touch of old-money luxury to your home. RNK understands the importance of high-end fixtures, and we know how to make your decor stand out in a good way!

Easy To Install

Our luxury basin taps are easy to install in any type of sink or basin.


RNK provides the best wall-mounted taps with high durability. With appropriate care, these taps can stay in their original state for decades. They are made from stainless steel and are highly resistant to wear and tear.


All the best basin taps by RNK are multipurpose in the sense that they can be installed in both bathrooms and kitchens. These luxury taps add a touch of sophistication to your basins.

Long-Term Warranty

Since they are so durable, RNK provides a long-term warranty for each of our basin taps.

High-Class Appearance

The basin taps in RNK’s catalogue give the appearance of high-class status. You may have seen such taps in luxury homes. The best basin taps are ones that look and feel high-end but come at the price of regular taps, like the ones available at RNK.


There is a vast variety of basin taps on our website. We have everything from vintage gold and silver taps to modern rose gold and black taps. We also have a wide variety of designs, including mixer taps and deck-mounted monoblock taps.

Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen And Bathroom Sink!

The time to upgrade the sinks in your house is now. Stop putting luxury on hold and embrace the high-class status with the best basin taps by RNK. Order now!